Mar 292012

During my first meeting with The Hungerford Urban Artists, I volunteered to take care of the listings for First Friday. To make this run smoothly I have created a document that can be shared amongst the artists in the building. There is a page for all artisans in the building and a page for HUA members. I have also provided a page for events that occur outside the building. Just shoot an email to, I will adjust the settings so that you can edit/add your information.

Take a peek and see who will be open this coming First Friday, April 6 (6pm – 9pm) I will be posting in detail about the event in a few days. View the Artisan Directory for The Hungerford Building here.


  9 Responses to “Dear Hungerford Building”

  1. Rituals In Metal & Stone in Studio 344 will be open!

  2. Very cool! So if I am a guest artist, can I add myself?

  3. Hello Francesca:
    Our studio will be open this 1st friday The Group in the loop. 354 3th floor building 2. I can’t edit the list.. thanks for doing this..

  4. Hi,

    We don’t yet have access to the editable version of the doc. I believe we are members of the HUA in good standing. Please let me know how to request to be placed on the list so that we may add ourselves, events, and hours of operation.

    My Sincere Thanks,
    Law Tarello