Apr 282012

I’m looking forward to this coming First Friday more than ever. Lately, vending has been an emotionally draining experience. Early spring is a weird time for shows. You just don’t know what to expect, shows have been a dangerous gamble. Being back in my element will feel excellent in comarison. Come visit me in my sanctuary, Friday May 4, 6pm – 9pm. One more day of Springtime in Canandaigua left (tomorrow). What a crazy long weekend away from my family. Hope to see you at the Hungerford.


You can never ask too many questions when applying to an event. Don’t ever asume that being indoors means you will be warm. It was 30 – 40 degrees during the opening of Springtime in Canandaigua, all day and night long! We would have been warmer outside. You couldn’t have melted an ice cube if you sat on it for an hour. Visitors had their hands in their pockets and they just wanted to get out fast. We were vending in a hokey rink, literally. Sure, the ice was removed, but the concret was pretty damn cold. I speculated that a few vendors may have been crying, but I quickly realized everyone had chapped cheeks and red eyes from the tense cold day. I dressed for a snowball fight today as I will tomorrow.

Now back to first Friday. Happy, warm & fun First Friday!

First Friday at The Hungerford
1115 E. Main St. Rochester, NY

May 4, 6pm – 9pm

According to the directory open studios in The Hungerford are as follows:

Cody Kroll
Sculpture & Ceramics
Suite 214

Francesca DeCaire
Glass beads
Suite 216

Constance Mauro
Constance Mauro Studio
Monoprints &Mixed Media
Suite 236

Mark Osterling
Mark Osterling Photography
Fine art and commercial photography
Suite 240

Margaret Spevak
Quilting with Margaret
Suite 307

Mark Whitney
Mark Whitney Photography
Fine Art Photography
Suite 308

Chris Little
Rituals In Metal & Stone
jewelry design and repair
Suite 344

Irving Pudetti
The Group in the Loop
figure drawing and paintings
Suite 354

Jeanne Beck
Jeanne Beck Studios
mixed media and paintings
Suite 366

Suzi Zefting-Kuhn
Suzi Zefting-Kuhn Artworks
Fine art
Suite 458

Rochester Art Club
Fine Art
Suite 437-439

Not on this list? Learn how to be included here.

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  2 Responses to “First Friday at The Hungerford, May 4 (6pm-9pm)”

  1. I so wish I had thought to tell you about the Canandaigua rink. I spent many days there when my son first started playing hockey and that is definitely the coldest rink I have ever been in. Oh wait – the Geneva rink can be colder. Hope it turned out okay for you all in all.