Jan 032013

While surfing Facebook and filling out applications for art shows I stumbled upon this amazing article.

Sandy Hook Elementary students are returning to school for the first time since the deadly shooting spree on December 14th. Class resumes Thursday.A school in the neighboring town of Monroe has been converted for the students’ use. The temporary building is being redubbed Sandy Hook Elementary with increased security measures.

The Newtown elementary school remains a crime scene as police investigate the shooting rampage that killed 26 people; 20 of them children.

The tragedy has inspired many people. One local artist wants to use her talents to honor those killed.

Nereida Vazquez

Nereida Vazquez

“It was the day I saw the President reading off the names of all the children and it just hit me.”

Vazquez has completed numerous portraits as a local artist, but this one broke the mold.

“I just felt like it was God telling me to memorialize each one of them… together.”

Nereida spent the next few days on autopilot.

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The concept of her painting and the process involved touches me so deeply and profoundly. The artist Nereida Vazquez is from Rochester, NY and supports many local art scenes like Love Hate Tattoo and Studio 215 (located in The Hungerford building). I am very engaged in learning about her at the moment. Now to publish this and keep enjoying her website.