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1 Purple, black and blue charm bead lined in sterling silver, 14 mm x 7 mm, 4.3mm hole (Item 151118)


You will receive the exact charm bead pictured. Pandora bracelet shown for example only.

Flamework beads made in upstate NY by Francesca DeCaire.

Purple, black and blue

Soft glass, sterling silver lined

Charm beads fit popular trademark bracelets or necklaces, like Pandora, Troll, Chamilia and many others. These charm beads are often referred to as European style. I’ve photographed this bead on my Pandora bracelet for example – see the last image.

Charm beads are not limited to wearing on a trademark bracelet or necklace, you can fit them on any cord or chain as long as the diameter is no larger than 4.3mm. They are also useful for beading projects that require a large hole. Be creative!

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