Apr 172014

We all seek love. As humans, we thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually when we feel, receive, and share love. For many of us, it is not uncommon to believe that finding love is difficult, out of our control, or that the stars must align in an act of destiny in order for us to have love in our lives.

Today, we take an empowering step as we explore the idea that the source of all love is already within each of us, in the center of our spiritual heart. When we tap into the flow of love we no longer seek to fill an inner void by seeking love from others. We instead align with the ever-present reservoir of love that lives within. We move from seeking love to living love.

During meditation today you will discover that love is your essential nature. It is more than an emotion—love is who you truly are. When you shift your orientation from receiving love to being love, and giving love—everything changes.

Day 4 Finding Love CENTERING THOUGHT My love and compassion are within. SANSKRIT MANTRA Vam I am love.

Day 4
Finding Love
My love and compassion are within.
I am love.

Today’s Quote

“Loving yourself…does not mean being self-absorbed, it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart.” —Margo Anand

Remember when you first fell in love and all you wanted to do was be with your beloved? Look back on the purity and openness of your heart at that time and describe that impulse of the heart to escape its isolation and connect with another heart. That complete surrender to the joy of union is the essence of love. That energy of divine union is your essence.
The impulse to connect with another heart is like floating through the air. Love lifts you into a place where the sun is always shining.
Who is your ideal example of a loving person? Write all the reasons why.
Loving a person is to comfort. Loving a person is to adore. Loving a person is to nurture. Loving a person is to be gentle. To care for a person is the greatest and most powerful feeling.
Who or what in your life inspires your love and devotion? Make a complete list and then be sure to tell them today how much you love them.
Who: There is a list of people that come to mind whom I love. My family and friends inspire me, there are many names to list, but here I will list just one. Lucas you are my heart. I tell you that I love you at every given opportunity, every moment of the day. What: I am devoted to my flamework. I am lost in a world of passion as I sit behind the torch flame and create with molten glass.
Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.

This was a wonderful meditation today. As I am often critical of myself in a negative way. I dream to let go of my aspirations to be like others and to just be.

Apr 162014

Today in the quietness of meditation, we learn that universal power is always there to support us. As we tap into this infinite energy source we discover our authentic power.

During today’s meditation, our individual flow of energy will be joined by the flow of unlimited power—universal power. This connection can transform our outlook from one of fear and doubt into an easy confidence and strength as we let our life flow with the almighty force of nature.

Day 3 Finding Power CENTERING THOUGHT My power and strength are within. SANSKRIT MANTRA Ram I am strength.

Day 3
Finding Power
My power and strength are within.
I am strength.

Today’s Quote

“I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It is there all the time.” —Anna Freud

Journal entry following meditation:

Who do you look up to as a model of self-confidence? Make a list of people you think of as courageous and strong. It can be someone in your family, a historical figure, or even a character in a book or movie. As you admire these people, you are being pointed to a quality that lives within you as well.
I have always looked up to my husband. He seems to be in control and to be fearless. It seems as though he has never been afraid.
Describe a situation where you needed to do a task and you didn’t know how you would do it, but you rose to the challenge because something inside said, “You can do this.” As you recall that situation, what did that confidence feel like? What or who inspired you to take the courageous step? Did you feel that strength centered anywhere in your body?
Recently my dog injured her quick. Her nail had split and she chewed the nail entirely away. Something about the site of her exposed quick was too gruesome for me to stomach. Knowing that she had only me to monitor her wound pushed me to overcome the foolish idea that I could not look. After days passed looking after her ugly quick became easier. Eventually I felt it was not healing well and took her in to have surgery.
Write about an area in your life where you are talented – perhaps it is problem-solving at work, and you have acquired an easy confidence. Feel that confidence in your solar plexus and know that when your life is flowing, that confidence will be there, always.
I do not feel so much talented, though I do feel passionate. I have a passion for working with glass. Surviving by means of selling my art. Though my income is well below the poverty line. The way that I live is full of excitement and bliss.
Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.

I am tired and wish I had meditated early in the morning. I met my best friends out bowling and I am now pooped. I am unable to reflect further. I also busted out laughing during mediation because of something stupid I said while we were bowling together. Time for a rest.



Apr 152014

Today in meditation, we will tap into the source of happiness that lives deep within each of us. In our practice today we invite inner joy and contentment into our daily activity. Together, we will discover that by accessing the source of joy inside, we access a sense of happiness that doesn’t vary with the ups and downs of everyday life.

Day 2 Finding Happiness CENTERING THOUGHT I am the source of unlimited happiness. SANSKRIT MANTRA Yam I am happiness.

Day 2
Finding Happiness
I am the source of unlimited happiness.
I am happiness.

Today’s Quote

“Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” —Denis Waitley

After today’s meditation I filled out some quick notes in my journal. Below I have shared this with you.

Write about a time when you were happy because you got something you wanted, like a new relationship, a new car, or a great job. Under that, write about another time when you were just as happy even though you didn’t have those things. What was the common feeling in both cases? Write about your state of mind. What was it about you that made you happy in both instances?
When I bought Mouse (my 2009 Honda Fit) I was pretty darn happy. I was also quite happy when I was accepted into the Allentown Art festival in years 2012 and 2013. Another time that I was just as happy… I was not accepted into Allentown this year, but prior to receiving my rejection notice I went on a 2 hour walk with friends and our dogs. When I opened up the letter the rejection notice did not seem to phase me. I had already experienced a powerful feeling of natural happiness prior to the bad news. Experiencing a great walk after a long cold winter reminded me that real happiness is in my hands. Buying a car and walking my dog both had given me similar feelings of happiness. With the new car my worries of lugging my wears subsided. Walking my dog, I felt just as good though my ankle panged in pain from an injury my mind was awake and I felt love.
Write down an experience you had this week when you felt happy for no special reason at all. Maybe you were walking home or eating lunch with a friend, and you noticed a quiet elation for simply being alive. This is your unfiltered core happiness shining through. Bring that memory and feeling back into your body with a few deep breaths, feeling it settle in the area of your lower abdomen as a ball of effervescent joy. Write down a description of how this happiness feels inside.
Scrubbing thick dust from our screened in porch. It felt good to swish the dirty water around and ring out the rags in the cold hose water filled bucket. My son Lucas took an extreme interest in the task and paced around me as I mopped away the dirt.
Write about one thing in your life right now that you associate with happiness. It could be your grandson’s laughter, your beloved’s brown eyes, or the view of flowers in your garden. Whatever it is, connect that joyful experience with the bliss center in your lower abdomen and write down the full experience.
My son Lucas can make his father smile bigger than the moon. It makes me feel I could burst from happiness to know that Lucas makes his father feel as much joy as he creates for me. Being together is how I associate with happiness.
Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.

Happiness comes in huge explosive bursts for me, but I experience anxiety much of the time. I would like to channel a steady flow of contentment and experience happiness in a calm way. I will work on remaining aware that happiness is nowhere else but inside myself.



Apr 142014

I am doing the 21-Day Meditation Experience. I will share my journal with you. I hope that you will join along with me. You can gain access to this exercise here.

Over the next three weeks together, we will learn to connect with the flow of our life force—a powerful current that will guide, transform, and awaken us to our true selves.

The flow of life is composed of various streams of energy . . . our impulses for security, happiness, power, love, creativity, insight, and self-actualization all move together to form our unique life expression. In living this expression, we find our flow—the universal rhythm within that is the infinite source of joy, balance, harmony, and love. We begin our journey by establishing our core sense of security as the stable basis for all the growth to come.

Day 1 Finding Security CENTERING THOUGHT My security and peace are within. SANSKRIT MANTRA Lam I am security.

Day 1
Finding Security
My security and peace are within.
I am security.

Today’s Quote

“Security represents your sense of worth, your identity, your emotional anchorage, your self-esteem, your basic personal strength or lack of it.”  —Stephen Covey

What does it mean when all the parts of your life are flowing smoothly? What does that look like? How does it feel? As you write, allow yourself the freedom to explore, knowing there is no wrong answer to this question.
For me this is a rare occurrence. I am easily distracted and often manic. When all the parts of my life flow smoothly I can look at the clouds and think of nothing else but the beauty that is in front of me.
What are your intentions for this 21-Day Meditation Experience? What do you want to learn and create in your life during our time together? Be very specific with your intention – it is a powerful way to start any journey. After writing, take a moment to visualize each intention as a seed you are planting today within your heart. The time you spend meditating and journaling each day is the water and sunshine that allows your vision to sprout.
I want to learn how to balance all areas of my life. To eliminate procrastination. Prioritize the things that are healthy and loving. Like enjoying playful times with my son, listening to my husband. I want to learn to listen. Above all I want to learn to listen and to be calm.
Write down a memory from your past when you felt completely secure, safe, and content. Know and feel that this presence of security is permanent and always available.
I felt completely secure, safe, and content often at times when I was pregnant with my son Lucas. I felt whole. When Jason would put his hand on my stomach and feel for Lucas kicking. I felt so content and at peace with life.
Use this space to reflect further on your experience today.

Taking the time to enjoy life. To learn how to better my self is something I am ready for. I look forward to this program.

Apr 092014
Francesca DeCaire, booth 16 along South Ave

Francesca DeCaire, booth 16 along South Ave

Lilac Festival

Art in Bloom
May 10, Saturday, 10:30am – 6pm
May11, Sunday, 10:30am – 5pm

Art in The Park
May 17, Saturday, 10:30am – 6pm
May 18, Sunday, 10:30am – 5pm
Highland Park
Rochester, NY

Look for me in booth 16 along South Ave.

Park History

Established in 1887, Highland Park was the dream of George Ellwanger and Patrick Barry, two leading Rochester citizens and prominent nurserymen. Owners of the world-famous Mt. Hope Nursery, they endowed the community with 20 acres of their nursery’s land and enlisted the help of noted landscape engineer Frederick Law Olmsted to develop the park.

The relationship with Mr. Olmsted lasted into the twentieth century and today Highland Park has grown to comprise 150 acres of rolling hills filled with botanical delights, magnificent gardens and the largest collection of Lilacs in the United States.


Apr 012014
  • Lucas had his first cleaning at the dentist. He did very well and even seemed to be having fun. At  first the chair was a bit intimidating.
Lucas at dentist1

Lucas and his claw. A very useful toy, it can even hold toothpaste.

  • Someone hit mouse (my car) in a parking lot and didn’t bother to leave a note. Luckily they are caught and I have pictures and a witness. Gah…
  • Lucas has been doing well potty training. He wears underwear about 90% of the time. How my baby is growing so fast. I can barely carry his weight these days, but oh do I still hold and rock him anyway.

Note poor Dondi in her cone. We had to have her entire quick surgically removed due to a broken nail. Poor girl did well in her cone and is all healed up now.

  • When it comes to brushing Lucas has gone from good to monster child in cycles. He is currently in good mode. The dentist may have been inspiring.

The moment when the child turned on the good mode button.

  • Lucas gets a sticker every time he brushes fuss free. It had been a long time since he was able to collect 10. Lucas and I were so proud to be back on track.

Good job Lucas, I’m so proud of you!

  • Lucas is rewarded when he earns 10 stickers. I hold a small little toy behind my back and let him choose a hand. It’s always the left hand.

This little puffy dino toy was a hit. But not as big as the sticky paws he received a week later. We swung those paws round the house until it hurt to laugh.

  •  Stayed in the house for 2 days straight to avoid the snowy roadways during the blizzard.
Crabbie before he was buried in snow once again.

Crabbie before he was buried in snow once again.

  • Acceptance to vend in The Lilac Festival came in the mail!
  • Deleted Facebook app from my phone. Checking the app became too OCD for my liking. I already feel a huge difference. I do like Facebook, but aim to use it much less.
  • My nephew Noah had a birthday party at a crazy arcade. Lucas enjoyed riding the motorcycle game with his father.
Noah 7 years old

Noah 7 years old

  • I’ve been attempting to learn about meditation and found Yoga Nidra practice to be a good start. Lucas even joined in with me for a little! As we began I took a peek at his giddy smile. He gave up shortly asking to leave. As he was walking away he turned back and laid atop me with his arms splayed out along mine. Lucas began to whisper the words of the speaker in repetition.
  • Lucas likes to be referred to as a Robot Skunk.
  • The long winter insist that we are entitled to watching too many movies.  Spirited Away was an awesome movie. Lucas didn’t blink once.

  • Please sir, Lucas will say this very politely when he wants something.
  • Bookkeeping for income tax is final! Sales tax is paid! Overwhelming feeling of relief!
  • Worst sick ever. The family was sick for over a week. Boring, I know.
  • Membership at the National Museum of Play is worth it. I saved wrist bands for a year.
We <3 the Museum of Play

We <3 The Museum of Play.

  • My best friends (Katy and Tracy) and I have been doing our best to get together on Wednesday evenings. Our first meetup was Javas. Next we might go bowling. Everything seems so scheduled lately, in a good way.
  • Tracy came by to cut Lucas’ hair. Tracy’s birthday is April 1, so we surprised her with a cake.
Cake on fire. 31 candles.

Cake on fire. 31 candles.

Tracy 31 Candles - 3

Make a wish.

He did not sit well

He did not sit well.

  • I CLEANED OUT MY STUDIO!!! I feel positive about my art again. I think the trash was just starting to cloud my brain. A terrific way to end March. Next month I’ll post studio pics when everything is just right. I intend to paint the walls and hang my window displays.
Studio buildup. Man does it feel great in there now.

Studio buildup. Man does it feel great in there now that this junk is gone.


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Mar 292014

My son Lucas and I frequent The Strong Museum of Play. We go almost every week. Most exhibits have books near by. The books are arranged to coordinate with the exhibits. Sometimes we don’t always choose the best books, but this time we hit the jackpot. The list of books below is in order from most read to least read. All of the books were enjoyed.

Lucas seemed to enjoy Corduroy most.

Lucas seemed to enjoy Corduroy most.

The Caboose Who Got Loose (Sandpiper Books)
Clifford’s Happy Mother’s Day
Clifford Gets A Job
Arthur’s Computer Disaster: An Arthur Adventure (Arthur Adventure Series)
Curious George’s Dinosaur Discovery
When Giants Come to Play
There’s a Zoo in Room 22
Olivia Forms a Band